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The finest beef direct from British farmers

When you think of beef traditionally you think roast or steaks, and although this is an obvious option and a good one at that. We have found there are some truly wonderful cuts of beef to be enjoyed and experimented with. Sourced from Somerset and Yorkshire, our relationship with our farmers allows us to select which cattle and breed we desire to give the best possible to our customers.

One cut we are excited to offer is an onglet/hanger steak different to your usual steak as it is incredibly flavoursome and brilliant value for money.


Belted Galloway Beef

The Belted Galloway is a heritage breed originating in the south of Scotland and predominantly recognised by its unique white belt across the beast. They were first recognised as their own breed in 1878 when bred from Galloway’s crossed with Dutch belted cattle. It has since been overseen by the Belted Galloway Cattle Society. Traditionally used as a premium steak due to its extreme tenderness and ability to marble well without creating too much fat.

Longhorn Beef

Longhorn is Britain’s oldest established breed of cattle. The notable long curved horns that serve to distinguish this breed are represented by steak houses across the world. The breed came into popularity back in the 16th century by Robert Bakewell of Dishey; hence the name Dishey longhorn as it was traditionally known as of the 18th century. The reason for its incredible eating is due to the fact that longhorn’s muscle fibres have more separation than other cattle which allows the butterfat to sit in-between the fibres creating incredible tenderness and flavour.


Angus/Hereford Cross Beef

Angus more commonly known as Aberdeen Angus due to its origins in the late 1600’s from Scotland’s Aberdeen has been one of the most popular breeds available for hundreds of years.  

Hereford cattle originated from Hereford England, it was originally red like most of cattle until being cross bread with shorthorn cattle to create a new type of draught and beef cattle which at first varied in colour, different herds ranging from yellow to grey and light brown with various amounts of white.  

Angus/Hereford came to be bred together to create a superb balance of yielding and good manor characteristics and just sheer compatibility to produce a stunning piece of beef.  

Dexter Beef

Dexter cattle were first introduced into England in 1882, and by 1982 this native Irish breed was so well established in Great Britain that at a meeting of breeders at the Smithfield club on December 6th resulted in the formation of the Dexter/Kerry cattle society. By protecting such a wonderful breed, the community has ensured that this brilliant meat is maintained to a standard we are proud to put our name on.